Closure Principle and Marketing

Art gallery window reflecting New York City street. PBnJPhoto recognizes the importance of the Closure Principle of marketing when creating images. Photo copyright 2021 by Paul G. Barretta
Art display inside of a ground floor window reflecting a NYC Street. Photograph Copyright 2021 by Paul G. Barretta

An important concept in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is the Closure Principle. Adapted from psychology, this means that people receive stronger messages if their brain does some work. Furthermore, this is the case for both business customers and consumers. So what does it mean to photography and marketing?

Marketing and The Closure Principle

First, the marketing part of the equation. An organization should have one primary overall message to communicate to their target audience. Furthermore, the most effective way of doing this is to deliver different parts of this message in different ways. For example, a company might use billboards to convey one important part of a message using imagery. However, television commercials tell a story to viewers related to a particular interest. Also, brochures provide greater detail related to the messages being conveyed. Taken together, potential customers process these and other elements by subconsciously combining them. In fact, this is a natural process that results in the overall message gaining stronger resonance than any individual elements.

Photography and The Closure Principle

Now let’s add effective photography. An image should not simply tell one story. Instead, it should be created to match one element of an overall message being conveyed. Moreover, the image should be consistent with other parts of how the message is delivered. The image should also match the strength of each communication channel. For example, a billboard image should convey a broad concept. On the other hand, a magazine advertisement should capture readers’ attention. In addition, a company brochure should convey the strength of your organization. Our understanding of this at will work to our clients’ advantage. You can read why in our Product & Commercial Photography page.

Closure principle accounts for how each element of an IMC strategy works with other elements. It is relied upon to deliver a strong, long-lasting message. The photographs used in these elements are important parts of the message. At a concrete level, our brains complete a visual message through The Gestalt Principle. At a broader level, our brains perceive elements of a photograph and relate them to other types of messages. These messages can be as abstract as sounds or other information provided to customers.