Posed or Candid? Allegheny River Trail Biker

True Candid or Posed Candid

What is Candid? “Candid” – the very word invokes images of a natural capture of a moment in time. Merriam-Webster even includes the definition “relating to or being photography of subjects acting naturally or spontaneously without being posed.” They also include the phrase “marked by honest sincere expression.” So doesn’t this mean the term “posed …

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In East Brunswick, NJ vocalist Kate is at Guitar Center to pick up guitar equipment as she embarks on a journey to learn to play an instrument. Photo copyright 2021 by Paul G. Barretta. PBnJphoto.com

Photography and Branding

First, the branding piece. Branding is a very deep topic in marketing. At its most basic level, a brand is an identifier. But it goes much deeper than this. For example, branding is an opportunity to manage a company’s relationship with its customers. Even more, it allows a company to tell its story. From worldwide …

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Sport and Sense of Community

A large part of marketing has to do with understanding people. Moreover, we find out more when we study specific groups of people. Specifically sports related groups of people have been of great interest to marketing researchers and practitioners. An interesting area of research has to do with a sense of community and sports. This …

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Closure Principle and Marketing

An important concept in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is the Closure Principle. Adapted from psychology, this means that people receive stronger messages if their brain does some work. Furthermore, this is the case for both business customers and consumers. So what does it mean to photography and marketing? Marketing and The Closure Principle First, the …

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