In East Brunswick, NJ vocalist Kate is at Guitar Center to pick up guitar equipment as she embarks on a journey to learn to play an instrument. Photo copyright 2021 by Paul G. Barretta.

Photography and Branding

First, the branding piece.

Branding is a very deep topic in marketing. At its most basic level, a brand is an identifier. But it goes much deeper than this. For example, branding is an opportunity to manage a company’s relationship with its customers. Even more, it allows a company to tell its story. From worldwide consumer products to business-to-business companies with one location. Branding allows them to control their message.

As discussed in The Closure Principle, customers’ brains like to see a variety of references to some overall message. Therefore, how a brand is perceived is one part of how customers receive a brand owner’s communications. Furthermore, consistency among those elements is key to creating brand resonance.

Now the photography piece.

Let’s focus on controlling the message. When delivering a message, all encounters with customers must be considered. First, there is an overall perception of a brand. For example, a brand could be constructed as fun. This would be for products related to toys, or an enjoyable experience. Perhaps a brand owner wants to convey a sense of seriousness. In fact, companies offering professional services aim for this. Whatever a brand owner delivers should be reflected in everything their customer sees about them.

Accordingly, this is where effective photography comes into play. From company brochures to printed ads to social media posts. Images must convey something specific. In fact, the creation of images is a crucial piece of this puzzle. Constructing a particular brand perception is important to the success of any organization. Maybe it is a non-profit organization seeking donations. Or an industrial company managing how the market views them. Whatever the organizational goals are, they are better achieved by managing brand perception.

So how is this achieved?

Effective photography is valuable because there are so many tools. For example, the picture at the top of this post is an environmental portrait. First, notice the main subject is a customer consistent with the Guitar Center chain. Second, notice the Guitar Center logo seen on the front door. Finally, notice how the red parking lot post draws your eye from right to left.

A well composed photo will accomplish what a brand owner wants to convey. But it is also important to recognize the image works in conjunction with other things. For example, the subtlety of the Guitar Center logo and the particular color red aren’t intended to work on their own. This image would work in concert with other elements of marketing communications.

Of course, there are standards of photography used in marketing. For example, the bottle of Lagavulin Whiskey displayed on the Product and Commercial Photography page. Note the use of lighting and focus to create a warm feel. Also, the subtlety of contrast between the bottle and glass with the blue staging. PBnJ Photo helps clients build brand perception. And help build a strong communications objective. Click into the Contact Us page to begin a discussion.